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About me 

I was formerly homeless for 8 years, because

of my bad choices, drugs, and alcohol abuse.

  After I was discharged from the Marines,

I chose a course that led to corruption

of thought, action, and deeds.

My moral compass got destroyed in the process,

    I was out of control.

    My addiction spanned for over twenty years.

    I became homeless for 8 years.

   Then with of glimmer of hope my faith resurfaced and started to grow once again.

Hearing God's word again, at the missions I frequently visited as I hitchhiked down the highways to survive.

     I started to feel guilty and fully became painfully aware of my wrongdoings.

I sought out the Lord and confessed my sins and asked Him for forgiveness. 

I asked the Lord into my life & be the Lord of my life.  

    He restored my sanity and removed my desire for drugs and alcohol.

34 years clean and sober

There, by the grace of God go I.

I hope that others find my story and are encouraged

to find the Lord, and ask Him into their lives. 

Thank you for your visit

 God bless you

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